Website design and optimisation for mobile devices

The Internet is rapidly evolving and it’s no longer enough for businesses to merely have a presence. Your website needs to be attractive AND be accessible for users of smartphones, tablets as well as home pcs.

Business Consulting

Sumir Adodra is a Certified Business Specialist and Executive Global Partner at the Academy of Business Strategy.The Academy of Business Strategy is a global consulting firm with offices based in London and New York.

Customer Service Marketing using Social Media strategiesWebsite design and optimisation for mobile devices

Facebook is now the world’s “3rd largest country” in terms of population. There are over 850m+ users on Facebook and businesses need to embrace social media if they want to fully engage with their customers. Your competitors already have a presence on Facebook, and probably Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn too. If you want to be near your customers you can NOT afford to ignore your social media strategy. The problem for most businesses is they don’t know where to start.

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